Teenage murder suspects appear in court

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HARRIS COUNTY - A Houston family continues to grieve after a husband and father was killed right before their eyes during a robbery on New Year's Day.

The four suspects appeared separately in Harris County court Monday, charged with murdering Ray Browning, Jr. during a robbery at a Vietnamese restaurant on Bellaire boulevard. Police say the two male suspects barged into the crowded restaurant on new year's, wearing ski masks and armed with guns. According to witnesses, the thieves forced customers to the ground, as they went table to table robbing people. Detectives say Browning stood up, possibly trying to fight back, and one of the gunmen shot and killed him in front of his wife and son.

Browning's employer setup a Gofundme page to raise money for his family, collecting nearly $20,000 dollars in just eight days.

Browning once served in the Marine Corps and his wife says he "never stopped being a marine. up to the last, ray was protecting and serving." Now two young men and two young women, aged 18 to 20, will answer for the heinous crime.

It was a robbery that stole a husband and father from one Houston family.