As Powerball jackpot rises, students help break down the probabilities

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HOUSTON, TX - The Powerball lottery jackpot continues to rise, now reaching a grand sum of $1.5 billion dollars.

A popular number floated around in recent days is the odds of winning - 1 in 292 million.

To figure out that number, NewsFix visited The Kinkaid School to ask to upper school math students to break it down for us.

Using a formula measuring all the possible choices from the first five numbers and then multiplying that by the number of choices for the "power ball," the students came up with the odds.

"It does involve some tough concepts, permutations and combinations," teacher Olen Rambow said. "It's fun to imagine winning the lottery and do the calculations to see how realistic a fantasy that is."

The Powerball lottery draw will be Wednesday night at 9:59 PM Central Time.