Houstonians address President Obama before his last State of the Union

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HOUSTON, Texas – The suit is back from the dry-cleaner, ties are ready, shiny shoes.  Tonight is the night.  President Barack Obama is warming up his vocal cords to address Congress and the American people one last time.  An election-year State of the Union that may set the tone of the battles to come.  An end-of-an-era speech crafted to be memorable.

“We’re sad to see you go”, said Houston resident Shereen Ibrahim.  “It can’t be over too soon”, responded Bryce Pippitt.

The U.S. President is expected to list his achievements, the challenges facing our nation… and convey his optimistic view of the future.  Obviously, not everyone will agree with his remarks: that would be way too optimistic.

“He’s all about trying to control everything; control guns”, complained Pippitt.  “I think the good things are, you know, him trying to implement Obamacare”, expressed Ibrahim.

Like it or not, something tells us Obama will try to end his term at full speed, with or without cooperation from Congress.  And then citizens will have to decide who gets to talk to lawmakers next time.

One thing is for sure, though: this State of the Union is gonna be historic.