ISIS terrorist from Syria blamed for Istanbul suicide bombing that killed 10

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ISTANBUL, TURKEY – Istanbul has become the new battleground in the Syrian civil war.

A suicide bomber blew himself up in the Sultan-Ahmet Square, the city’s main tourist hub, killing 10 and wounding at least 15.

Eight of the dead were Germans, and most of the wounded were foreign tourists, mostly from Germany.

Top Turkish officials say the bomber was from Syria, born in Saudi Arabia, and was a member of ISIS.

Turkey is a big supporter of the rebels fighting Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, but the country has not committed troops in the five-year-old Syrian civil war.

Western nations continue pressuring turkey to crack down on the flow of people and supplies to ISIS strongholds in neighboring Syria.

This deadly attack aimed at tourists sends two messages from ISIS.

It’s a warning to turkey to stay out of Syria and to stop helping Russia and western counties fighting ISIS.

It also reminds the leaders of those western nations that death can hit them at any time and any place.

Thumbnial Image: Photo: ÇAPAMAG / Twitter / MGN License Link