Mexican authorities tailed Penn for his jungle interview with El Chapo

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MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – When Sean Penn was in a Mexican jungle interviewing the homicidal drug lord El Chapo “Shorty” Guzman for "Rolling Stone", he didn’t know the Mexican government was tailing him.

And now, there are pictures to prove it. The photos show Mexican-American actress and Guzman groupie Kate Del Castillo at the Guadalajara International Airport and at the hotel where she met with El Chapo’s attorneys at the end of September.

A few days later, she and Shorty’s attorney flew to the Golden Triangle area to meet with him.

But they weren’t alone. This time Penn was with her.

The Mexican publication “El Universal” says it got the photos from a Mexican government intelligence file, proving Mexican authorities were watching Penn and Del Castillo the entire time.

Penn hasn’t spoken publicly since the article came out the day after federales busted Shorty after raiding his hideout in Los Michos.

But in a short email to the Associated Press, Penn said he has nothing to hide.

Penn has a penchant for hobnobbing with Central and South American leaders.

In 2008, he did a piece for “The Nation” in which he interviewed Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, and spent seven hours chatting up Cuba’s Raoul Castro.

In 2012, he also met with then-president of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, when he took her country’s side against Great Britain in the Falkland Islands dispute.

But this is the first time someone meeting with Penn ended up in the pen.