Road rage driver jumps in school bus, yells at bus driver

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Beford, OH- An angry driver turned a normal school day into a scary situation for middle school students on their bus ride home.

School bus driver, 67-year-old Joyce Kosturko, was driving her normal route with students on board when a black car suddenly pulled up alongside her at a bus stop. Surveillance cameras were rolling as the man demanded the bus driver get off the bus. When she refused, he got on the bus!

Apparently, the bus door was open because Joyce had just let a student off the bus, but five student remained on board. The man who stormed the bus had a female passenger in his car and she made her way onto the bus to back him up.

Thanks to bus driver Joyce keeping her cool, eventually, the strangers got off the bus.

Bedford police charged the intruders with criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct.