The fight for Houston Equal Rights continues

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HOUSTON - Equality is the state of being equal, especially in status, rights and opportunities. According to Lou Weaver, Houston is still in need of a HERO.

Weaver says, “We don`t have a civil rights bill here in Houston, so it`s still legal to be discriminated based on the color of your skin, if you female, religious affiliation, or if you`re a veteran.”

The issue of HERO came before the voters in November of last year, but was soundly defeated. Weaver freely admits that the opposition’s campaign to discredit HERO—to call it the Bathroom Bill and stoke fears of perverted men invading women’s restrooms—was effective.

It may have failed at the polls but Weaver will continue  fight for equal rights continues. That's in today`s Inside Story, from the pages of Houstonia.