Tonya Couch ordered to wear an ankle monitoring bracelet

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ROSENBERG, TX – She could run, but she could not hide. Now the law is making sure she stays put.

Tonya Couch, mother of the so-called “Affluenza Teen” might be out of the slammer, but she is ordered to wear a spiffy ankle monitor while under house arrest. That should keep her from fleeing south of the border again. We hope, cause the monitoring system ain’t fool-proof!
In fact, at any given time 100 thousand sex offenders, paroles and people out on bail are wearing ankle monitors. That’s a lot of folk to keep an eye on, and a lot of alarms potentially going off. Christopher Wolf; supervisor at Fort Bend County Supervision and Corrections, says, “The system does a good job, and we do a good job with setting up certain rules and parameters in place with our monitoring company. So that you don’t get a lot of what might be classified as false alerts. To avoid a resource issue or a man power issue of having to investigate a lot of issues, we’re able to pretty much identify those a head of time.”

False alarms can be triggered by many things, from bad batteries to loss of satellite reception. Still, electronic monitoring is seen as a good tool to supervise an individual awaiting trial or disposition of their case. Wolf adds, “Anytime there’s a specific violation or potential violation that needs to be investigated, an alert is sent to the monitoring company, and that happens 24 hours a day.”

With Tonya’s big bucks at her disposal and her frequent flyer history, let’s hope if her alarms goes off, authorities are on it. Couch is out on a $75,000 bond and her ankle bracelet is making sure she stays in step to meet her next court date.