Pennsylvania woman surrenders to police after seeing herself on news

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HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa - It was a case of guilty conscience that led a Pittsburgh-area woman to turn herself into police for shoplifting after seeing herself on the news this week.

34-year-old Alissa Bordonaro was wanted for some 5-finger discounts at a Macy's last summer.

Police didn't know who the woman was in the store surveillance video until Bordonaro's boyfriend, Derek Shank saw it and told her to do the right thing.

"We saw it on the video.  We were like 'you gotta call.'  It was either call or go in, so she called first and was like yeah I just saw myself on the news," said Shank.

Pennsylvania State Police says Bordonaro went inside a dressing room and stuffed her backpack with clothes that didn't have security tags on them, then left the store.

Shank said his girlfriend has been trying to get her life on track after a long history of crime, from driving under the influence and theft to drug charges.

Bordonaro was charged with one felony count of retail theft and released on an unsecured bond.