School board member’s appalling thoughts: How to shoot students

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HAMPSTEAD, NH - From New Hampshire, the state that gave us Tupperware, the Segway and President Franklin Pierce, comes Jorge Mesa-Tejada, chairman, Hampstead School Advisory Budget Committee, who shared his comments at a recent board meeting on how to commit mass murder at an elementary school.

"I would hide in the woods behind them and I would have a field day," said Mesa-Tejada.

Shocking words that came during a discussion of how to protect the school from shooters. At issue was eliminating portable buildings so students don`t have to walk over to them.

Mesa-Tejada continued, " Based on my Marine Corps training, if I wanted to do any harm,  I wouldn't do it as they go from the main building, I would wait until recess."

Heated words that have the community firing back.

"Any time someone talks about school shooting, any time someone talks about violence against our kids, it's not funny, it's not a joke, it makes me sick,"  said parent Caitlin Parnell.

Jason Cipriano, chairman, Hampstead School Board, said, "I couldn't even begin to explain how someone goes from a discussion about a bond article and talking about the construction at the school to detailing how he would commit a mass shooting.

Superintendent Dr. Earl Metzler, added "Disturbing, disgusting, outraged, some emotions that come to mind, both as a parent of children in the school district and as a superintendent."

Mesa-Tejada has been banned from school property, fields and playgrounds.