Democratic presidential hopefuls debate one last time before Iowa

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CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA - There may have been three on stage during the democratic hopefuls final presidential debate, but it`s clear Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are the ones to choose from for the party`s nomination.

Martin O'Malley was there.....but the gloves came off Sunday in South Carolina between the other two. Hillary and Bernie attacked each others' policies on several issues including healthcare, and guns.

Sanders said, “Well I think Secretary Clinton knows what she says is disingenuous - I have a D- voting record from NRA."

Clinton’s rebuttal, "I am pleased to hear that Senator Sanders has reversed his position on immunity and I look forward to him joining those members of Congress who have already introduced legislation."

Pre-debate talk was dominated by the release of Sanders` “Medicare for All” plan. Clinton slammed it.

“I want us to defend and build on the affordable care act and improve it," she said.

If you`re not crazy about any of the current candidates check out some of the other folks who have filed the necessary paperwork with the federal elections commission.

Vladamir Putin, representing...who else...the Communist Party. Bob Ross for the Community Party.  Buddy the Cat. He`s a democrat. (Or Should We Say, Demo-Cat?) And the ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage.

You can file too, if you want. But you`ll need the support of your state's secretary of state....or a ton of petition signatures from registered members of your political party.

If you happen to be tired of can always represent the slumber party!


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