Grub Burger offers good burgers and a friendly vibe

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HOUSTON - If you’re looking for real food, big flavor, a unique vibe and good people, head on up to Grub Burger Bar at City Centre.

Their menu is short fitting onto one page, but still offers a variety of fish and salads, in addition to nine different types of burgers. And chew on this, “We grind our beef, it’s a 50/ 50 mixture of chuck and brisket,” says Grub Burger Bar's Managing Partner, Steve Padgett.

Lockhart Legend

Lockhart Legend

The most popular burgers are The Front Porch and Lockhart Legend. The Front Porch is a basic burger, perfect for those who want to build their own. “You add a caramelized onions, you add a fried egg, you add barbecue sauce to it or anything else you want," explains Padgett.

Then there’s the Lockhart Legend, a diner’s delight. "Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, Applewood smoked bacon, and two hand battered Shiner Bock onion rings on the burger. It is phenomenal,” boasts Padgett.

Texas Luau Burger

Texas Luau Burger

Feeling exotic? Try a Texas Luau Burger. It’s a burger topped with a slice of grilled pineapple, pulled pork, grilled jalapenos, and Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce.

If you don’t want beef, they offer "burgers that don't moo" like Jive Turkey Burger. It’s made with pesto, Swiss cheese, Applewood bacon, avocado, sprouts, and served on a wheat bun.

Grub Burger’s most popular salad is Turkey Pesto Cobb.

You can’t go wrong with a bed of mixed greens topped with pesto turkey, onions, eggs, avocado, tomatoes, blue cheese and homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

If you still have room, try the milkshakes but brace yourself for a “hole” different kind of shake. “These shakes are deliciously crazy,” laughs Padgett.

One is called Kitchen Sink, because it has almost “everything” in it. Just add vodka and it’s called a Dirty Kitchen Sink.

But the shake to end all shakes might be Glazed and Confused. Not only is this shake topped with a homemade donut, there’s also one chopped up and mixed in with the milkshake.

If you’re looking for a casual, fast restaurant with a great food and a warm, friendly vibe check out Grub Burger.

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