Ohio officer posts electric chair photo to send message to criminals

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WOOSTER, Oh - Is it "time to bring back consequences" in the form of the electric chair?  A Facebook post by the Wayne County Sheriff's Office in Wooster, Ohio may suggest so.

"I believe that in the United States we no longer have fear of consequences.   The criminals simply do not care," said Captain Doug Hunter.

Hunter posted the photo of an electric chair with the caption "time to bring back consequences" as a shocking message to criminals.

"It is my belief that there are many laws on the books that address things like police officers being shot and killed or other crimes to where the penalties often times are often not used to their fullest advantage," Hunter further stated.

His post came a day after Danville police officer Thomas Cottrell was fatally shot in the line of duty.  Police have a suspect in custody.

Ohio's sole method of execution is lethal injection, but with more than 7,000 Facebook 'Likes' on this post, seems many are in favor of dusting off Old Sparky.

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