Study finds there are about 500 kinds of bugs living in our home

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HOUSTON, TX - There's no place like home, for you and for hundreds of your insects housemates! A new study claims that there are 500 kinds of bugs living in your house right now. That's enough to make your average homeowner's skin crawl!

Entomologists from North Carolina State University visited 50 clean homes around the Raleigh area and counted all the tiny critters they could find. Over 10,000 specimens were collected. A few of your typical household pest, like roaches, termites and fleas were found. But the majority counted were very small bugs that are hard to see and harmless to humans. Not a big deal, according to Anthony Esposito, an exterminator who goes by the name The Bug Reaper. Esposito says, "A handful of entomologists got down on their hands and knees and collected whatever they could reach, and they say it's about 500 bugs and people don't even know they're coexisting with them. If you can't see them and they're not bothering you. What's the difference?"

Another bug found in great variety in houses are web spinners. Spiders, along with most of the other bugs found, can actually be beneficial to have around the house because they keep the pest bugs away. Bottom line, it doesn't matter how clean our home is, it's still full of bugs. Get over it!

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