Walmart store closures help to save small Texas grocery store

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WINTERS, TX - A lot of jobs will be lost when Walmart shutters 269 stores, but in one tiny Texas town, the move actually saved another business.

The closures include a store in Winters,  south of Abilene,  which had almost put the "Cash Saver" out of business.

In fact, it was set to close its doors for good on the same day as Walmart's announcement.

Assistant manager Alex Harrison says, "We had so many phone calls this morning hoping. Call your boss try to keep it open Walmart's closing."

Stay open, it did.

Employee Lucindy Wright says, "A little bit overwhelmed, it was a little bit of a shock."

It helped preserve the positions of Wright, Harrison, and several others.

Harrison says,  "I have three kids and a wife, I'm sure they'll be happy to know they don't have to worry about anything."

As staff scurried to restock shelves, it became clear the store's survival impacts those who work outside its walls too.

"Keeping this grocery store still a live it still shows that there's life in this town."

Who would've guessed a big-box bust would save a small-town store?

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