Jihotties: the latest online dating trend for ISIS terrorists and the women who want to love them

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RAQQA, SYRIA – Ladies, are you looking for that sexy Mr. Terrorist? You know, a guy with a big gun who knows how to use it?

A guy who’s manly enough to get rowdy with his friends, and still find time to light your fuse?

Well, stop looking for love in the all the wrong places. The folks at ISIS have a site for you.

Analysts say ISIS uses blogs and other online sites to recruit women in a Match.com style that promises romance and a perfect life for women and their bad-boy terrorist.

There’s even a name for terrorists looking for love online: jihotties.

The web is crawling with ISIS online recruiting like this. Eye-catching, and filled with promises of free housing, health care, and cars for young women. For the guys, beautiful virgin brides, true to their faith.

Experts say more than 500 western women have run off to join ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

But just like a lot of online dating sites, these ISIS match sites have false advertising. Women end up in dorms for brainwashing.

Housing, water, and electricity are scarce. Also, they often have no choice in husbands.

Even when they get married, their spouses probably won’t live long, leaving them widows to be recycled to the next available terrorist in search of a bride.

But that’s not a fate worse than death, because ISIS considers going back home a sin punishable by death.

With ISIS, a gal can lose her heart, and her life at the same time.

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