A good cop and Shaquille O’Neal make it real for young hoopsters

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GAINESVILLE, Fl. - When police officer Bobby White responded to a complaint about kids playing basketball too loudly in the street, there was only one choice for him: Join the game.

Instead of reprimanding them, Ofc. White shot some hoops with the teens and it was all caught on dash cam. As he was leaving, Ofc. White said he was glad to see them playing ball in the street rather than causing any trouble. He also said next time he came around, he`d have to bring some backup so they could get a real game going.

The video, posted on Facebook, has been viewed almost 9-million times including, it appears, by Shaquille O'Neal.

Sure enough Ofc. White returned for a game, this time bringing O'Neal, to the utter delight of the young men.

And that`s how a couple of good guys helped an over-the-top complaint fade away and turned it into slam dunk opportunity.

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