Be your own Valentine and find your inner love through yoga

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HOUSTON – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and so often we focus on loving others and not ourselves. But before you can truly find love, you must first love yourself.

Instructors from Joy Yoga center sat down with Maggie from EyeOpener to talk about ways yoga helps you find that inner “self-love”.

You can also "share what you love with who you love" by participating in Joy Yoga's 29 day challenge. Starting February 1st you're encouraged to practice yoga all month with someone you love. Perfect for Valentine's Day.

For more on the challenge and a class schedule click here.

And if you’re too busy to make a class you can participate in a virtual yoga practice. Live stream yoga anywhere, anytime on any device. Click here for more on My Joy Yoga.

Namaste on this Valentine's Day!