Latest propaganda video released by ISIS includes new threats

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PARIS, FRANCE  - ISIS has released its latest propaganda video. If there was ever any question whether the terror group was behind the brutal attack in Paris last November, their latest premiere leaves no room for doubt.

The first clue? The title. “Kill Them Wherever You find Them.” Plus, it is gruesome.

This won’t be up for any Oscars, despite its Hollywood style editing. If anything, it should be considered a reality production because the most graphic scenes aren’t just special effects. The props are real swords. We see actual beheadings carried out by the supporting cast…a-k-a, the men ISIS claims are responsible for the attacks that killed 130 people.

The running time is roughly 18 minutes.

The first scenes are a montage of various news outlets reporting on the Paris attacks, then - - - cut to the faces and names of the nine who supposedly carried out the terror.

Calling them “The lions of Khilafah who were mobilized from their dens to bring an entire country - - - France - - - to her knees.”

Each attacker has his own close-up and delivers his so-called final message. One says the group was acting on behalf of their director, ISIS leader, Abu Bakr At-Baghdadi. Most rants conclude with the militant killing a hostage.

If you can stomach the production, before it fades to black there’s footage of Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron and the House of Commons voting to join the anti-ISIS coalition.

Call this foreshadowing. Terror analysts suggest the United Kingdom is next on the ISIS hit list.

This movie short may be considered propaganda, but we know the threat is real.  We give this film two thumbs-down.