Beloved elementary school principal dies saving kids from runaway bus

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LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP, IN - A freak accident has taken the life of a beloved school principal near Indianapolis.

Susan Jordan was outside Amy Beverland Elementary School Tuesday afternoon, watching students get on their buses, when tragedy struck. A bus full of children lurched forward, and jumped a curb, striking two students. Witnesses say Jordan pushed more kids out of the way before she was hit and killed.

Principal for 22 years, Jordan died outside the very school she loved, and just one look at some YouTube videos proves just how much the school loved her back. Her message to students, given the day before she died, is all the more heartbreaking.

"Look for ways that you can be kind to others."

Students and parents say principal Jordan made a tremendous impact at the school.

"She would just like come and sit down in our chairs for a little bit and see what we're learning," said 6th grader Steven Baker.

"It was like there was five of her because she was everywhere," said Adam Baker, "You'd show up at an event at night and she was at the door shaking hands."

"My son has Down's [syndrome], so she kind of connected with him and kind of understood him," said Regina Simpson, "She always made sure he was in his class and she was just very, very caring towards me and my family."

A principal, who was truly was a "pal" to all, now mourned by an entire community.

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