Donald ducks Fox News debate, Cruz challenges him to 1-on-1 debate showdown

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IOWA CITY, IA – Don’t look now, but Donald Duck’s in Iowa.

The big news is that GOP front-runner Donald Trump is ducking out of this week’s debate, telling Fox News, “You’re fired.”

Trump is walking way from this week’s Fox News debate, claiming Fox’s Megyn Kelly is out to get him. "Megyn Kelly is really biased against me. She knows that I know that. Everybody knows that. Do you really think she can be fair at a debate?"

The Fox folks stand with Kelly while Donald ducks.

"Trump is not used to not controlling things,” Kelly said on her show. “But the truth is he doesn't get to control the media."

Yeah, well, it seems the media didn’t get that memo. Turn on the TV and everyone is talking about Donald.

And Trump’s ability to play the media like a fine fiddle is what really irks a lot of them.

Trump plans to use the opportunity to raise money for veterans and wounded warriors.

Even without a Donald Trump in the debate, he will still be the big Republican elephant in the room, and you can bet the farm that he’ll be the topic of a lot of the talk from moderators and candidates.

Canadian-born Texas senator Ted Cruz is already trump-talking. At a stump speech in Iowa, Cruz challenged trump to an old-fashion Texas showdown.

"We are effectively tied in the state of Iowa. If he's unwilling to stand on the debate stage with the other candidates, then I would like to invite Donald right now to engage in a one-on-one debate with me anytime between now and the Iowa Caucuses."

Cruz may not want such a showdown, ‘cause Trump may come armed with only two words: “You’re fired!”

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