Elderly Houston woman hospitalized after intruder attacks inside Sunnyside home

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HOUSTON - Community members went door to door in the Sunnyside community to find a man who attacked a great-grandmother in her nineties there.  They are outraged after hearing of the attack that occurred inside the elderly woman's home.

"I want them to pay.  I want her to feel comfortable in her own home again when they're behind bars sooner rather than later," said Nicole Sherman, granddaughter of the victim.

Houston police says robbery was the motive when the suspect broke into the home during the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday near the corner of Higgins and Jutland streets.

"If we find you, you won't need a jail cell.  If we find you, you won't rob nobody else's grandmother," said community activist Quanell X.

Family members say the attacker roughed up the great-grandmother and threw her face-down on the floor to keep her from seeing his face.

The woman was hospitalized and treated for severe injuries, including a broken shoulder and a black eye.

Neighbor Suzette Bradshaw says, "It's real hard because I kinda grew up over here, and she was like a godmother to me."

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