One activist is killed during arrest of Oregon militia leader

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BURNS, OREGON - In Oregon, a shootout between police and protesters leaves an activist dead, the group's leader under arrest, and the remaining occupiers promising, it ain’t over yet.

But, let`s start at the beginning.....

Video from nearly a month ago shows Lavoy Finicum, an activist, speaking directly to the camera saying, “Honestly, there are things more important than your life, and freedom is one of them."

He and others took over a federal Oregon wildlife refuge the first week of January to protest the sentencing of father-and-son ranchers convicted of arson on federal land.

It soon led to an armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge to protest land policies. Ammon Bundy is the protest leader, but Finicum was one of the most outspoken. When the protests began, Finicum said he'd rather die than be arrested. He got his wish.

Officials say they pulled over a vehicle and arrested Ammon Bundy. But Bundy's brother Ryan and Finicum refused to surrender. Shots were fired, but it's not clear who fired first.

Cliven Bundy says, “My son Ryan had been shot in the arm. Lavoy Finicum - they cold-blooded killed him. He said he was out, had his hands in the air, said he wasn't armed, wasn't any threat and they cold-blooded just killed him. My sons were no threat to...none of them were. No threat to life or to people there. This is a land grab. It goes to show you how far the federal government will go to kill people."

With Fincum, the father of 11 dead, Ammon Bundy busted, and seven other activists in federal custody facing felony conspiracy charges….let's hope this can come to an end without any more bloodshed.

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