Photograph of a potato sells for over $1 million

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HOUSTON, Tx. - A photograph, simply named “Potato #435” sold a whopping $1.08 million.

Celebrity photographer, Kevin Abosch isn't a celebrity, himself. He takes photos of celebrities like Yoko Ono, Malala, and Gabriel Byrne, and gets paid $500,000 per sitting. And he also took the hot potato shot.

So when does a photograph stop being just a picture, and start becoming valuable art?

According to Linda Shearer, Interim Executive Director for the Houston Center for Photography, “It's when the artist is more concerned with the idea, and the relationship between the idea and the image than the artist is or the photographer is about the quality of the image.”

But before you run out and start taking shots of local produce, know that this is an anomaly.

Shearer says, “This transaction, for the million, was a private one done in his home over a glass of wine, so it bears no reflection, or resemblance to the art market.”

Who knows what any of these featured photographs may sell for one day, but as far as art as an investment, Shearer explains, “You really, you have to love the work. That's what comes first.”

Because right now “Potato #435” is worth over a million, but in ten years, this spud, could be one big dud.

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