University of Iowa fight song mysteriously plays from vacant building in Niagra Falls

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NIAGARA FALLS, NY – You expect to year your college fight song at a tailgate.

And University of Iowa fans expect to hear it before, during, and after games.

But just like the Spanish Inquisition, nobody expects to hear it in Niagara Falls, eight hours a day, and coming from a vacant building.

David Giusiana, who owns a restaurant across the street, says the music blasts from the building every day from 3 pm to 11 pm, and no one can figure out why or how.

Niagara Falls police can’t find anyone from “Smokin’ Joe’s”, which owns the building.

Even if they did, a vacant building, mysteriously playing the Iowa fight song, is not against the law, even in New York, where it is against the law to hang clothes without a license.

The music took a short break after stories ran in the local paper and online in Deadspin and Sports Illustrated.

It started up the next day at 6 pm, though.

Yes, the Iowa fight song may be irritating, but it could turn into the fright song if blood starts dripping down the walls. After all, the Amityville Horror house is also in New York.




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