Michael Phelps: the ‘Devil of Distraction’

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TEMPE, AZ - Basketball requires a lot of concentration, especially at the free-throw line. What could be more distracting than a man sportin' a Speedo? The Arizona State Sun Devils devised an evil plan, using Olympic champion Michael Phelps, in what can only be described as, the ultimate "Curtain of Distraction."

The Olympic swimmer, shirtless and decked out with all his medals, made it impossible for Oregon State's Stephen Thompson Jr. to sink his first shot. When it was time for the second try, Phelps ripped off his pants and danced around in his Speedo.

All that jumping would certainly make it difficult to control your balls...basketball, we mean. Oregon State lost the game and now Phelps' pelvic thrusting brings a whole new meaning to "dribble on the court."