Missouri City is ‘sweet’ on Brandani’s

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MISSOURI CITY - You don’t have to live in the Houston to find great restaurants. Brandani’s Restaurant and Wine Bar in Missouri City, has it all including great food, a charming atmosphere and a wonderful wine list.

The restaurant was the lifelong dream of husband and wife team, Ron and Claire Brandani, who’ve both worked in the restaurant biz for most of their lives at renowned eateries like, Carabba's, the Bank Restaurant at Hotel Icon, and Pappas Restaurant Group.

DessertTen months ago, they opened their restaurant and fulfilled their dreams. “I always wanted to be a neighborhood restaurant. I really enjoy being in my neighborhood and just being embedded with the friends and family I have here,” says owner Ron Brandani.

Speaking of family, all the art was painted by Ron’s mother.The crispy potatoes are his grandmother’s recipe and the Pumpkin Spice Cake is from Claire’s mother.

With Ron as the cook, their menu is deliciously eclectic. “We’ve blended what he enjoys cooking, what we enjoy eating, and what we think other people would enjoy,” says owner Claire Brandani.

SnapperAnd chew on this, two of the most popular dishes are Gulf Snapper and New York Strip. The snapper is a pan seared with the skin on and topped with an orange chili sauce and served with ginger-sweet potatoes.

The coffee-crusted New York Strip comes with an espresso demi-glaze.

If you like wine, you’ve come to the right place, but Brandani's inventory isn't huge since they focus more on quality versus quantity.

And if you still have room, enjoy any of the desserts because they're outstanding.

So it's really no surprise, Missouri City is “sweet” on Brandani’s Restaurant and Wine Bar.