Racing drones getting more popular and competitive

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HOUSTON, Tx. - Drones, drones, drones! For delivery, for photography and now for feeding that need for speed.

Robert Quarantello, President and CEO of Space City Drones, explains, “Photography drones are more about the stabilization and the image…racing drones is all about manual control there's no barometer, there's no gps. Any little small movement the drone goes that way and then they go 70, 80 , 90 miles per hour.”

Drone racing is here. And it's not your dad's R.C. plane racing. You're actually IN the cockpit.

“These guys are wearing goggles, they're in first person view, while they're flying you can see it inside your eyes, whenever you take a left, these guys are turning left, they become one with that drone,” says Quarantello.

And it's getting competitive.

“It's getting to that point where these guys are racing, and they're also wanting to have aerial wars, to fight, and dogfight, each other, that's going to become something in the next couple months as well.”

The prize money for some of these competitions is already in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. And the initial cost isn't as much as you might think.

Robert says, “Racing drones start about $400, much more affordable, much more light weight, with most of the aircraft you don't have to register them with the FAA, for the under .55 weight limit. Much more affordable to start getting into the hobby.”