Security cam catches bank manager struggling at the door with an armed, masked bandit

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ZEBULON, NC – There’s a bank robber out there who’s no Clyde Barrow, the other half of Bonnie and Clyde.

Here’s what we mean.

It all started the other day in Zebulon, NC, the place that describes itself as “the town of friendly people.”

It was a typical morning at the PNC Bank, with the manager standing by the door and gazing at the parking lot, because that’s what you do in Zebulon.

But he never expected to see a masked man sprinting between two cars and heading toward the bank.

And no, not the Masked Rider of the Plains.

The manager and the bandit struggled over the door because this bank does not allow unauthorized withdrawals.

"The suspect produces a small, black, semiautomatic handgun and begins to strike the window of the door with a handgun, and the manager doesn't give up,” said Tim Hayworth, Zebulon’s police chief.

The desperado was no match for the steely-nerved bank manager, so he high-tailed it back the way he came.

By then, the bank’s employees had pushed the alarm, and the cops were on their way.

Now, police are on the lookout for a masked man with a bruised ego in search of a bank without a manager who doubles as a door man.