Surveillance video shows Florida deputies kicking and punching suspect who had surrendered

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OCALA, FL – Apparently, you don’t need to be a droog to take part in a little of the old ultra violence, as in the film “A Clockwork Orange.”

Some boys in Marion County, FL, were wearing guns and badges when they fell upon a suspect to beat and kick the crap out of him as he appeared to be resisting arrest.

A security camera, though, showed the suspect had surrendered and wasn’t fighting back.

Marion County sheriff Chris Blair called the incident "very disheartening.”

“I mean what took place. I was saddened by it. Also I was upset by it."

From the looks of things, you’d think suspect Derrick Price would be more than saddened and upset.

But from his jail cell, Price wants folks not to jump to conclusions.

A statement from his attorney says Price "and the members of his legal team urge everyone to use restraint and peacefully await the outcome of the federal proceedings involving the law enforcement officers.”

A local grand jury indicted one of the officers who took part in the ultra violence that occurred in 2014. He’s no longer a deputy.

Now the sheriff is trying to rebuild community trust in his department. "Don't let a few actions of these men destroy the image of any law-enforcement agency as well as the Marion County Sheriff’s Office."

The mean streets in any community are rough enough without the fear of being roughed up by those sworn to protect and to serve.