Bet on Beyoncé? Check out Super Bowl 50’s Most Interesting Prop Bets

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HOUSTON, TX - Even if you're not a huge football fan, Super Bowl 50 can be an interesting watch.  For some, it's about seeing what commercials make them laugh, for others, there could be money on the line.  Each year, sportsbooks in Las Vegas set odds on prop bets.  They can range from as simple as which team will win the coin toss, to the non-football centric, halftime show.

Here are a few of this year's most notable prop bets, found on

How many times will "dab" or "dabbing" be said by the announcers during the broadcast?

Will "Left Shark" make an appearance on stage during the Super Bowl halftime show?

What color will Beyoncé's footwear be when she comes on stage for the halftime show?

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