Siri’s sending abortion seekers to adoption sites

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HOUSTON, TX-- The last thing you need when you've made the difficult decision to seek an abortion is someone trying to change your mind. But it seems Apple is trying to do just that for women using their apps.

Today, when we asked Siri to find abortion clinics in the Houston area, she replied, with her mechanical-toned charm, "Okay. Check it out." Then she listed five Planned Parenthood locations and Act of Life, Inc., an adoption resource center in Katy.

And therein lies the rub. All across the country, ask Siri about abortion, and she suggests adoption centers. The same thing happens with Apple maps.

And it's been going on since 2011. In fact, back then it was worse. When a reporter just outside of a New York Planned Parenthood asked Siri, "Where can I find an abortion clinic?", she responded quickly, "Sorry, I couldn't find any abortion clinics."

At the time, Apple claimed this was not deliberate and not political. But here we are five years later, and it's still recommending adoption centers when asked about abortion. C'mon!!

We asked Apple what's app with that? They referred us to some publicity material for the new iOS 9 which states the new system delivers "more relevant results from more categories." And yet, it still gave us the adoption center.

It's bad enough we've got men in Washington trying to govern what women can do with their own bodies. Now we have stupid smartphones trying to persuade us, too?!

Big Brother's watching folks, and it might just be time for Big Sister to step in and kick his butt!

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