Small restaurants don’t always mean fewer calories

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Be honest, how many of you think dining at a little bistro is the healthier option when eating out? Well, that may not be totally true.

Before you go dancing off to your favorite chain restaurant, consider a few things.

The average American, whoever that would be, eats at a restaurant nearly six times a week.

If you think staying away from chain food is healthier, you may be wrong.

When researchers with Tufts University sampled dishes from restaurants in San Francisco, Little Rock, and Boston, they discovered meals at independent eateries were just as calorie-laden as those from the chains, around 1,200 calories.

That is about half the recommended daily amount of calories for an adult.

American restaurants were among the worst, as were Chinese and Italian, which is no surprise when it comes to pizza.

Mexican, Greek, and Vietnamese restaurants tended to have the least amount of calories in their dishes.

The Tufts researchers did not provide any restaurant reviews, but they did recommend eating in moderation, ordering half portions, and asking for dressing on the side.

The folks at the Mayo Clinic have a handy-dandy calorie calculator that uses several criteria to determine recommendations that will help provide you some food for thought.

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