Dancing With the Stars dancer being sued for $6 million over insensitive Facebook post

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LOS ANGELES, CA -  We've all heard it before, be careful what you post online.  Seems Dancing With The Stars' Valentin Aleksandrovich Chmerkovskiy, better known as Val, is learning this lesson the hard way... to the tune of 6 million bucks.

The hot Russian dancer is being sued by a 16-year-old with Down Syndrome for a meme he posted to Facebook.

Let's call this tutorial, "How a Post Becomes a Lawsuit."

First, someone posts a picture of someone else without permission. Add a heading such as, "Everything that's wrong with America ."  After lots of attention, it becomes a meme, which goes viral. Post on your Facebook page and add a caption like Val did,  "Letting your kid become obese should be considered child abuse."

Voila! Instant lawsuit citing emotional distress, because Down Syndrome can cause weight issues.

Val eventually took the meme down, but directed a post to the girl's mom saying she was handicapping her kid. Since then his tweets say he's done nothing wrong; that he just wants people to be happy and healthy;  and that one day we'll hear his side of the story.

Our advice to Val? Stick with dancing!