Dutch company training birds of prey to eliminate drones at play

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THE NETHERLANDS - Remember when drones were just some high-tech thing of the future? The future is NOW and the drones are getting smaller and more capable everyday. But, can they outwit one of nature`s most menacing predators?

Police in The Netherlands have been testing bald eagles trained to swoop in and take out the unmanned electronic interlopers that some say have become a nuisance.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, this past October, pilots reported 100 drone sightings a month. If not stopped, the rogue drones could lead to catastrophic results.

No word yet on whether the birds can be harmed. But the Dutch company behind this talon-ted idea calls it's a low-tech solution to a high-tech problem.

And before "the eagle has landed," just imagine this from the drone's point of view.

Yikes! No need for us to droan on any longer.