Judge Ed Emmett unveils his plans for the Astrodome

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HOUSTON, Texas - There's one thing that keeps Harris County residents awake at night.   It's not homeland security, crime, the state of our roads, floods or the county's budget.  It's the Astrodome!

In his State of the County Address at the Greater Houston Partnership's annual luncheon, Judge Ed Emmett declared that the historic landmark has a bright future.

"2016 is the year to make something happen with the Dome", he promised.

Is he planning on tearing it down by any chance?

"The Dome is not going anywhere between now and next year, when the Texans are in the Superbowl", Emmet joked.

Great expectations call for great celebrations.  Judge Emmett and his team have creative ideas on how to use the facility.

"If you've seen any of the spectacular light shows that have been done on the sides of buildings, like when Rice had its centennial: the same kind of thing can be done with the Dome."

OK, first stop: Superbowl.  Including the Astrodome as part of the fan experience is cool.  But then what?

"You have a 9-acre open space park, at the ground level, and you have either parking or storage underneath", he continued.

Simply put, the county is considering keeping and restoring the Astrodome's building, while at the same time getting rid of the stadium inside and transforming the arena into an indoor park.

"Then, everything above the park, eventually I think goes over to something like a conservancy", Emmett concluded.

The world's first domed stadium could become the world's largest indoor park… maybe.  What a comeback if it happens.  And speaking of comebacks…  Hey, Texans, start warming up: you don't wanna miss the spectacular light shows.