Los Angeles inmate mistakenly released after paperwork error

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LOS ANGELES - Ever heard the phrase, "freedom ain't free?"  It seemed free for a time for one Los Angeles county inmate thanks to some faulty paperwork.

Suspected murderer, Steven Lawrence Wright was mistakenly released from the jail's inmate reception center Saturday afternoon.  The following night the sheriff's department realized they had messed up.

A court clerk mixed up info on the paperwork for wright's case, landing him on the list to be released.  Wright was in custody awaiting trial for a gang-related killing from 2011.  With the jail's mistake, perhaps he thought justice had come without trial.

Police are offering a $20,000 reward as an incentive to reel in this fish they threw back.

"We're following all leads that are coming in from our tip line, and our task force from the Major Crimes Bureau is currently following up on those leads," said Deputy Kelvin Moody.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department says it's unfortunate employees messed up the paperwork, and is looking into what went wrong so improvements can be made to its system.