Military leaders: women should register for the draft

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - It's time to talk about the draft. Not the NFL's or even the NBA's, but the military draft, something the U.S. hasn't used since 1973.

Guys still know all about Selective Service because they've had to register for it since they were 18, but women have been able to skip it.

Now the heads of the Army and the Marine Corps say the Selective Service System shouldn't just be for the boys anymore. At a Congressional hearing on Tuesday, the Marines' Gen. Robert Neller said, in part, "every American physically qualified should register for the draft."

His Army counterpart Gen. Mark Milley basically said the same.

Women are already being integrated into combat and infantry roles in the U.S. military, so it seems to make sense to leaders that women should join the draft too. Sounds like Selective Service won't be so selective in the future.