UH Alumni Association petitions for halt of UT expansion to Houston

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HOUSTON, Tx. - Some Cougars are in an uproar about a bunch of Longhorns trying to make their way to Houston!

It's basically a turf war, and stems from the University of Texas wanting to build a campus here - just down the street from the University of Houston main campus!

“When a taxpayer funded institution, that’s a state agency, like University of Texas, chooses to duplicate services, just next door to the University of Houston, that’s a serious problem as a taxpayer,” says Charles Haston, Board Member of University of Houston Alumni Foundation.

The UH Alumni Association created a petition on Change.org calling on the Texas legislature to halt the UT System's Houston expansion.

It's not that they think UH can't rise to the challenge of competition, they just want a level playing field.

“Right now it’s not fair… the University of Texas and Texas A&M have access to an $18 billion permanent university fund. That’s land grants, that nobody else gets access to,” explains Haston.

It would take a state constitutional amendment to open up those funds to more universities, which is what the UH Alumni Association is seeking.


As of Tuesday evening, the petition against the longhorns horning into Houston had close to 9,000 signatures.


The University of Texas sent NewsFix a statement saying: “We look at this as a strategic investment to serve the people of Texas... There are no plans to duplicate programs already being offered by the fine higher education institutions already in Houston.”