California man files suit to get $63M lotto winnings as deadline approaches

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LOS ANGELES - There is $63 million in lotto winnings sitting unclaimed in California and time is running out.

One man is claiming that cash is his.  Brandy Milliner says he bought the winning SuperLotto Plus ticket that sold last August at a 7-Eleven in Chatsworth.

He claims the lotto office gave him good news and bad news.  The good news, he says, is he got a letter congratulating him on his winnings.  The bad news, he claims the lotto office told him his ticket was "too damaged to be reconstructed."

Milliner says the lotto office kept the ticket and sent him a copy.

"There's no record of a claim.  There's no record of a denial.  So, we're at the point where if this person did file a claim, then we would look into it, but at this point we have no record of it," said Alex Traverso, with California Lottery.

Milliner has filed a lawsuit with the Los Angeles County Superior Court.  While the legal battle is fought, the clock is ticking.  Today is the last day.  In this case, time really is money.