Hospital warns patients of possible HIV, Hepatitis exposure

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DENVER, CO - You to go a hospital to feel better, not to get sick, but nearly 3,000 hospital patients are being warned they could have been exposed to HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

Swedish Medical Center in Denver says surgery tech Rocky Elbert Allen was injecting himself with narcotics and those needles may have gone back into the rotation.

"Our concern with this individual isn't just the nature of the crimes that we were informed about," said a hospital employee. "Moreso that the risk that he has other patients that may be out there."

Now nurses are calling all 2,900 people who had surgery there between August and January, offering a free blood screening. At least one patient says, until he gets a clean bill of health, he can't relax.

"The surgery was one of the goals of the last year of my life because I was in so much pain. Great, get the surgery done now I can move forward," said Scott Rogalski. "Now, what`s going to happen?"

Allen could face criminal charges. If he's found guilty, something tells us he'll get a healthy dose of justice