New video claims to expose Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast bookkeeping regarding sale of human tissue

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HOUSTON – There’s another video out there involving allegations Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast sells tissue from abortions.

This comes as anti-abortion activist David Daleiden of California appeared in court for the first time after a Harris County grand jury indicted him and another person of faking a driver’s license and offering to buy human organs. Daleiden is the director of the Center for Medical Progress.

It was all part of a video sting by CMP.

The new video claims to show invoices and other documentation that explain how Planned Parenthood classifies and accounts for the sale of human tissue.

The video features Melissa Farrell, PPGC’s director of research. “If we alter our process, and we’re able to obtain intact fetal cadavers, then we can make it a part of the budget that any dissections are this, and splitting the specimens into different shipments is this, I mean, it’s all just a matter of line items.”

PPGC responded to a NewsFix request for comment about the new video by supplying a statement from Eric Ferrero, vice president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America that said Daleiden and Sandra Merritt did not document wrongdoing,

“...they fabricated it. We don’t know of any journalists who have engaged in wire fraud and mail fraud, lied to multiple government agencies, tampered with government documents, and broken laws in at least four states, only to lie about what they found.”

Daleiden’s attorneys rejected the district attorney’s offer of probation, saying they’re ready to fight the charges.

“It’s more, you know, there’s an expression in Texas, ‘All hat and no cattle.’” said attorney Terry Yates. “That’s what we believe these indictments are. There’s not much to ‘em. And we believe that after the court entertains our motions, hears the facts in this case, that these indictments will be quashed.”

Daleiden and his attorneys say they also want an apology from Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson.

The next round in court is expected to be next month.