Playboy’s first non-nude issue is hitting the newsstands

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LOS ANGELES, CA - When mentioning Playboy magazine to people, the second thing that usually pops up about it is the nudity within its pages. But that was then and this is now. After 62 years of baring it all, the iconic magazine is finally covering up. Playboy's first non-nude issue is hitting the newsstands and with it, many childhood memories are crushed.

Internet porn has beaten down the magazine's main appeal of lustful looks at young ladies. Now with nudity, not being new anymore, Playboy hopes to reinvent itself by being less risqué and more respectable. But will people buy the new look?

Along with more editorial content, the new Playboy still promises to have sexy, almost nude woman to ogle at. So, it could be seen as the best of both worlds. Still, most guys we spoke with said it wouldn't be Playboy without the nudity. Ain't that the naked truth!