Taxi driver held hostage by jail escapees shares his story

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ORANGE COUNTY, CA - Remember the three inmates who busted out of an Orange County jail and spent a week on the run? Turns out, there's a fourth guy you probably haven't heard much about.

Long Hoang Ma technically helped with the getaway, but not willingly; he's a taxi driver, who got hired, then held hostage.

"Until the day that I was released, I always think 100 percent I would die," Ma said, via a translator.

Hossein Nayeri, Bac Duong and Jonathan Tieu called Ma on Jan. 22 after seeing his ad in a Vietnamese newspaper. Then, they forced him to drive them from Orange County up to Northern California, where they holed up for a week.

"During the time in the motel whenever the janitor came in clean up the room, [they] would have the gun ready," Ma said.

The fugitives eventually fought over what to do with Ma and Duong decided to drive him back to Southern California.

"On the way back here Bac told me Nayeri wanted to kill me. 'That's why, you know, we were fighting' By that time I knew that they wanted to kill me," said Ma.

Ma says he didn't feel safe until Duong and the other two escapees were back behind bars. Now that they're locked up, Ma says he finally feels free.