Houston’s Farouk Shami is Trump’s ‘mane’ man

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HOUSTON, TX-- It may be the most famous combover in politics, but Donald Trump's mop wouldn't stay in place without one Houston man. Farouk Shami turned Biosilk shampoo and the Chi hair iron into worldwide sensations. He's also the guy who supplies Trump with his hairspray.

"This is the product that I know for sure Mr. Trump used on his hair, the Chi Helmet Head," says Shami of the foot tall bright red can. "He said, 'I like your hairspray,' you know?"

They've been friends now for 12 years, but does that mean Shami supports his campaign? "His ideas are good," says Shami. "Can he execute it with kicking out Muslims and kicking out Mexicans? He knows better than that."

Shami pulled sponsorship of Trump's beauty pageants last year when he first dissed Mexicans, but he harbors no hard feelings toward the Donald. "He is expressing some anger of people against the government. And mostly the under-educated and the people who don't have a job think the Mexicans and the Muslims are taking their jobs. Educated people understand the United States is an equal opportunity for everybody."

Shami is living proof of that. He came to the U.S. from Jordan with $71 in his pocket and turned that into a multimillion dollar empire.

Besides Trump, Farouk is also friendly with Hillary Clinton and regularly has Ted Cruz over for dinner, so which one of will he back for the White House? "Honestly... honest to God," Shami assures, "I am not decided yet."  Uhh... join the club.

It's still a long road to November, and a lot of cases of Helmet Head yet to be shipped.