Zika latest: No kissing for pregnant women in Brazil

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RIO, BRAZIL - The Zika virus has the entire world buzzing.

We already know Zika can be transmitted through sex but now researchers in Brazil have found traces of the virus in saliva and urine. “If there’s an exchange of blood or bodily fluids there is that potential for a spread,” explains Dr. Catherine Troisi from the UT Health School of Public Health.

So, The World Health Organization has declared a Global Health Emergency due to the oodles of babies being born with microcephaly and Guillan Barre Syndrome. They’re suggesting birth control methods, like condoms should be available to all women in countries affected by the virus. It's such a concern, Brazilian officials are warning pregnant women to think twice about kissing.

Most doctors believe the Zika virus is the cause of these birth defects, but the W-H-O wants more research and information before jumping to a conclusion. “The babies are born with microcephaly and it may be because the mother had Zika virus during the pregnancy. And it may be that we find out it’s Zika virus plus something else, a nutritional deficiency, environmental exposure, another infection” says Troisi.

Whatever the cause may be, Zika has been confirmed in more than a dozen states and today Florida declared a State of Emergency. Florida's Governor Rick Scott declared, “Just like in a hurricane, we’re going to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.” Comparing Zika to a hurricane might seem like overreacting, but the number of confirmed cases climbs daily.

Yikes, this virus is spreading like wildfire .