Critter News: FL anaconda, Tucson jaguar, and a CA sea lion

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MELBOURNE, FL – Once again, NewsFix spans the globe to rustle up the very latest in Critter News.

Dateline: Melbourne, FL, where an anaconda showed up to catch some rays in a backyard.

The anaconda measured at least 9 feet, maybe ten.

A Florida Tech professor says the snake is a green anaconda, probably less than two years old.

And it could get up to 20 feet long.

Dateline: Tucson, AZ, where the jaguars have come to play, but not the Jacksonville Jaguars.

No, some wild American jaguars.

At least one has been roaming around Santa Rita mountains just south of Tucson.

Cameras from the Center for Biological Diversity caught the first proof that wild jaguars are in the United States.

Dateline: La Jolla, CA, where shoppers at one store had to look twice at one customer. No, it wasn’t a Mardis Gras costume. It was a real sea-lion.

The store owners think it used the stairs to get to the store.

Forgoing the usual policy of “no shirt, no shoes, no service,” they used some canned salmon to coax the sea-lion back to the sea.

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