Houston man gets naked with woman in Las Vegas High Roller ferris wheel, both busted for inappropriate sex

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LAS VEGAS, NV – Las Vegas, baby, where everything that happens there, is supposed to stay there.

But that’s not always the case, especially if it’s big news, like Elvis getting married, or if the cops get involved, like two knuckleheads discovered.

Texan Philip Frank Panzika III of Houston and Chloe Scordianos of Hicksville, NY, hooked up, so to speak, in a cabin on the “High Roller” Ferris wheel, billed as the world’s tallest.

But their ticket to ride did not include riding dirty.

Cops say the two were alone in one of those cabins when they got butt-naked.

Security officers used the intercom to tell them to get dressed and stop what they were doing, but they didn’t.

Apparently, the folks in the next cabin were not only watching, they were recording it.

So was the security camera in the cabin, which is how police knew the 27-year-old Panzika and the 21-year-old Scordianos were nude, and that he was apparently using her to practice for an oral presentation.

It’s not clear how the two of them met, but her 21st birthday was last week.

She says on her Facebook page that she’s a single mom going to college, and there don’t appear to be any photos of her on his Facebook page, which reportedly shows a recent engagement to someone else.

Las Vegas cops busted them and charged them with public nudity and, shall we say, inappropriate dining, which is a felony.

This was one thirty-minute ride they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

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