North Carolina mother of two mauled by pit bull she got through Craigslist

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HERTFORD, NC - From man's best friend to woman killer.  A pit bull in Hertford, North Carolina ended up mauling its owner to death.

Suzanne story got the dog from someone on Craiglist less than two weeks before the attack.

"They brought it down from Virginia and gave it to them and said it was a good-natured dog and good around children and then this happened," said Debbie Brown, Suzanne's mother.

The vicious attack happened when Suzanne was cleaning out the dog's crate.

Perquimans County Sheriff Eric Tilley said, "The sister was in another room and she heard her sister, heard Ms. Story hollering you know get him off of me the dogs on me heard her screaming and then went in and the dog was attacking her."

Police say when animal control and paramedics got to the house, the dog was still going after the dying woman.  The dog has been put down.  Now Suzanne's family is trying to dig up answers from the dog's previous owner.

"Explain why or something if they want to do something like donate money for the funeral you know that's all we don't want nothing else from them except that," Brown said.

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  • holly kennedy

    Shame…..this lady had a kind heart to adopt this dog, however, I would hesitate to bring an unknown pit into my home with 2 children……probably young children. Very sad.

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