1 dead, 4 others hospitalized, including baby, after Pasadena apartment complex fire

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PASADENA - One person is dead and four others hospitalized, including a baby, after a fire tore through a Pasadena apartment complex, early Friday morning.

The fire broke out  around 4am at the Maple Trail Apartment Homes in the 2100 block of Burke at Pasadena Boulevard.

One resident described the scene, "It was just.. it was horrible, that man lying on the ground bleeding there was really nothing we could have did for him."

Fire officials tell us several families were trapped inside. One woman had to throw her 5-month-old baby out the window to firefighter John Lisano of the Pasadena Fire Department and then jump out herself, in order to escape the flames. They, along with the baby's father, were taken to the hospital and are going to be okay. Another resident was also taken to the hospital with injuries.

Lisano said, "Sometimes you can wait to act. Sometimes you don't have that time on your side and unfortunately we didn't have time on our side so we had to do what we could as best as we could."

Unfortunately, one man did not make it out.

Another resident told us, "He was a nice man though, everybody know Mr. Scott he was sweet... he was a very nice man. Everyone's gonna be sad that he's gone"

Arson is investigating the cause of the fire.